Does your photographs tell a story? XDrive lesson 2

I love looking at beautiful pictures and the stories they tell and like most people I always try to take captivating pictures often with no luck!  I was delighted to come across Raj’s blog! I love his photography lessons- I think they are well explained and most importantly it all makes sense for a beginner like me 🙂

Having followed Raj’s blog for a while, I have been a little intimidated to post some of the pictures I have taken for the lessons but here goes!

I’m going right back to basics –  lesson number 2 has really emphasised the purpose behind a picture, I now find myself taking a minute to really think about what I would like to express before clicking which has two bonus points- firstly I don’t have to delete as many pictures and secondly it gives me a chance to think of the settings!

During my last holiday in August I really started to consider the outcome of my photos, as I was watching the sunset with my daughter I felt so peaceful and thankful- the below picture I really tried to capture these emotions.

In the second picture I caught my daughter having a moment to herself and it just made me wonder- at what age do we start really appreciating the world and our surroundings? When do we become aware of what goes on in the world? And as parents how do we enable our children to have balanced views? Therefore, with this picture I hoped to capture the beauty of childhood and the transition that we start to make from knowing very little about the world and its beauty to becoming aware of it.



4 thoughts on “Does your photographs tell a story? XDrive lesson 2

  1. First of all hearty welcome to you Julie for the XDrive’s Photography Learning sessions. Glad to see you.

    Pic 1: Indeed a peaceful sunset. The scene is so calm that everything is at a standstill. You have also given a “frame” to picture resulting in depth to the image. As an improvement, you see the horizon is about at the centre of the image; you can try to bring it up to 2/3rds. You can take it up or down. But since there is no action in sky probably putting the horizon on top 1/3 line is better. Try to understand about the rule of thirds and use it in these situations.

    Pic 2: Nice picture of your daughter keenly involved with nature and being thoughtful. I remember my son was too focused on the natural environment right from very young age. He almost collected everything including the rocks and feathers. (which I had to secretly ditch 😀 ) But since you intend to capture your daughter with nature, I feel you should have gone bit closer. Anyone checking this picture would easily miss your daughter’s presence there. So basically you have to zoom a bit and avoid the bottom part of rocks. Also, check the immediate background of your little girl. Position yourself so that your her background has no distractions. Have water or the sky as the background, that way viewers attention would go there immediately.

    Also, you have not provided the EXIF data, that would help me to respond better regarding setting suggestions.
    This critical review is part of XDrive’s Photography Learning sessions. Thank you for being there.
    Please link this to your post (you have linked the feed url)

    1. Thank you for such detailed feedback Raj!! Really good learning points and things to think about.
      How do I find the eXIF date? and most importantly what is it? It was just automatic settings… I have a long way to go 🙂
      Thank you 🙂

    2. ps- I am SO glad I’m not the only parent that ditches kids collectables, the good thing is they never seem to notice hehe

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