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   Full body workout

       45-min full-body workout for fat burning and toning

Julie swinging a kettlebell

   Tabata Workout

              20-min fat-burning, effective cardio

Julie jumping

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Want to feel great? Then try this amazing, easy to make green juice. You won’t only feel great after two weeks; you will see a change in overall health.

20-minute Tabata workout, my favourite form of cardio

Finding time to get fit is tough, with this 20-min Tabata workout you are guaranteed to see results, it is my favourite form of cardio

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Embarking on a fitness journey takes effort, it even takes courage to make drastic life changes, on this post go through how to achieve a positive fitness journey mindset.

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On today’s blog post, I share my favourite berry breakfast bowl; it’s delicious, full of nutrients and easy to make.

Why I want to cut calories, my top tips

It’s been 10 months of consistent exercising but the pounds have stopped dropping.
This post explores why I need to cut down my calorie intake to address my weight loss plateau a calorie deficit doesn’t mean less food.
I will share some tips that are helping me win this battle.

Why Kettlebell swings are a great exercise

On this post, I discuss why Kettlebell swings are a great exercise. One of my favourites, in fact, I tend to include it most of my workouts.
you give it a try, steps included.

Why you should drink beetroot juice

This is my favourite beetroot juice recipe, and I also go through the benefits of beetroot, oranges and carrots

Why do you need to improve your sleep quality when starting your fitness journey?

On this post, I discuss the benefits of sleep and the connection between sleep and fitness. Increasing my sleep is helping me with my weight loss journey and most importantly be a more present mum.

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