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Delicious beetroot juice

Beetroot juice with a twist, full of goodness

Beetroot, orange and carrot juice in blender

 Berry breakfast bowl

      Delicious, healthy and easy to make breakfast bowl

Berry smoothie bowl

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New baby, new body

Body acceptance I am grateful for my body, it gave me my little man, it’s not a process that everyone can go through.  Nevertheless, I have struggled to recognise and accept my body.  Not only because it looks different than pre-pregnancy but because it...

Why fitness shouldn’t be the main goal

After my Saturdays post I was asked a couple of questions regarding my weight loss, what I am doing to lose weight so fast? what exercise plan am I following? What detox am I following? The questions really made me reflect on the journey I have decided to take, I...

Day 1 to 7 of my Detox

Achievements and challenges Day 1 I am seriously motivated, I am going to say goodbye to some really bad habits! The day started with a nice cold shower, it got gradually colder and it was a great way to wake up.  My cold shower was followed by warm lemon water…...

Why I am embarking on a fitness journey

On this post, I give an honest account of my journey to fitness one year postpartum and why I am embarking on a fitness journey with a plan and help from a friend.

Why Water Has Helped Me

We all know that we need to stay hydrated but most of us failed to drink enough water through the day.
On this post, I will discuss why water has helped me and how it has improved my fitness levels and the overall benefit to my health.

30-day detox preparation

As a mum, time for myself is limited, I often end up having too much playtime with my daughter and son which leaves me with a mountain of house work to be done in the evening and feeling very tired.  If I’m going to change habits I think preparation is key, at least...

Why you don’t need a gym to workout, home workouts are just as powerful

Introduction to my home workout series.
This post discusses the benefits of working out at home.

You can download Home workout #1 template so you can start your fitness journey too.

Let’s workout together

Why you should drink beetroot juice

This is my favourite beetroot juice recipe, and I also go through the benefits of beetroot, oranges and carrots

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