2018 Fitness update


January came and despite working out at least three times a week since July 2017 I was at my heaviest! My lifestyle in 2016 – 2017 was very chaotic and left me with dreaded extra pounds, super tight-fitting clothes and feeling sluggish.  This year, I want to feel fit, healthy and really get to grips with balancing fitness and other aspects of my life!!

I discovered the gym about four years ago and since then fitness means a lot me, I really enjoy working out, I get high on endorphins and I love feeling good about myself 🙂

The past few months I have been focusing in finding a balance that fits well with my life as a mum, career, family, hormones and socially.  I want to make sure that I am realistic with my goals and time I can dedicate to fitness.

If you follow my Instagram account you will see that this year I’ve integrated manageable workouts to my daily routine for example during the week I work-out during my lunch hour (taking 45 mins gym sessions) and twice a week longer work-outs.  I have also focused on changing the eating habits that are not great, for example forgetting to eat lunch, then eating everything I can get my hands on when I get home.

Below is how I looked when I first started, back in July 2017.

I am not saying there is anything wrong but I wasn’t fully comfortable with myself, my clothes were getting small and I love my wardrobe…. Besides I can’t afford to replace it, I prefer to add to it!  It is important to point out that I am still not that comfortable but I am noticing improvements and it really makes a huge impact on the way I feel physically and mentally.

The 1st of Jan was a bit of a tough day, I woke up with a hungover and the jeans that I wanted to wear did not fit me… butt issues and not in a good way… if you know what I mean!

So, by the 6th of January I stopped feeling sorry for myself and took a few steps.  Here they are:

  1. Weighted myself for the first time in a very long time! I was petrified!
  2. I took my measurements. This was SO painful!!
  3. I created a six-week schedule.
  4. I focused on 2 fitness goals.


My measurements

7th Jan 2018 19th Feb 2018
Weight: 63.9 kg Weight: 60.3 kg
Waist: 74.7 cm Waist: 72.1 cm
Hips: 97.8 cm Hips: 96.5 cm
Arms: (r) 29.7 cm (l) 29.9 cm wtf! Arms: (r) 29.2 cm (l) 29.2 cm
Legs: (r) 59.5 cm (l) 59.6 cm wtf! Legs: (r) 57 cm (l) 57cm


Overview of my workout schedule:

Monday:          45 mins bootcamp


Tuesday:          45 min spin or PT session

Wednesday:    HIIT (30 mins) and evening Leg session.

Thursday:        45 Bootcamp

Friday:             45 mins Conditioning class

Saturday:         rest day

Sunday:           circuit training and weights


Overview of my diet:

My diet isn’t too bad, I love veggies and healthy food! You’ll rarely see me eating junk or fast food, I don’t enjoy it.  However, I snack, I love snacking or perhaps it is a bad habit! I didn’t think my snacks were that bad until I started writing down everything I eat (snacks include: cheese, biscuits, nuts, avocados, pastries), the worst is my love for desserts!

Since the start of the year I have been consciously cutting down on unhealthy snacks and ensured that I only have dessert once a week! Let me tell you- the first three weeks were so tough!  The cravings were almost empowering but I battled through with carrots, cucumber, celery and water!!!  Now- I feel so much better and my naughty snacking has almost diminished even on my cheat day I can stop when I’m full!


Benefits of the change to my diet:

  1. Feel less heavy
  2. More energy
  3. Higher quality in my workouts
  4. Less cravings


What next:

My main goal is to really increase my fitness levels, become more agile and stronger.  I have started to count how many repetitions I am able to do during bootcamp and HITT classes and I am aiming for a minimum of 10 reps during the classes.

I know that subsequently the above will result in my fat levels decreasing, as well as my confidence!!

Until next time- stay positive, kind and beautiful



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