30-day detox preparation


As a mum, time for myself is limited, I often end up having too much playtime with my daughter and son which leaves me with a mountain of house work to be done in the evening and feeling very tired.  If I’m going to change habits I think preparation is key, at least for me anyway.

Whilst studying and at work I used to ensure that was mentally ready before taking on any big challenges by asking myself some questions:

  1. Why am I doing this?
  2. How to avoid failure?
  3. What are my goals?
  4. How can I build up on will power and overcome challenges?

So, questions answered then what?  I set out the guidelines and routines I want to follow for 30 days, I keep in mind that this is not just a food detox but a life detox, although food detox is also included.  In order to set out my new routines I had to analyse my current routines, I did a stock-take of my habits for one week to work-out which habits I would like to change.

Things I wanted to change:

Morning NapEating chocolates, biscuits, cakesWatching too much TV
Coffee and snackHot chocolate with LuellaDesserts after dinner
Amount of time spent on social media Going to bed with make-up on

My goals:

  1. Find more time for myself
  2. Take better care of myself mentally and physically
  3. Be more focused and productive

Habits I want to start doing again:

6:30 wake upWalksRun/Workout
Cold shower*Healthy snackWrite/Blog
Warm lemon waterReadDessert
YogaDrink more waterBedtime 11 pm
Meditation 5 min Meditation
Skincare Skincare

*Cold shower is something that I did when I was studying.  I needed something to wake me up but I actually found it that helped me feel energised, and so nice for my skin.

Foods I’m going avoid:

I don’t eat any take away or fast-food and I love veg, specially broccoli (my co-workers will verify haha) but chocolate, cakes and cheese are my downfall.

  • Coffee
  • Cow’s milk and cheese
  • Chocolate
  • Cookies
  • Cakes
  • Bread
  • Pasta
  • White rice
  • Added salt
  • Meat

Almost done, now one crucial point why 30 days?

Anything under 30 and I worry I might go back to old habits, it takes 21 days for new habits to start to form, I really want to make long lasting changes. However, I also need to be realistic, its summer and we have plans… I want to eat an ice-cream and enjoy the odd drink.

Until next time, stay kind, stay safe

Julie x

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