Day 1 to 7 of my Detox


Achievements and challenges

Day 1

I am seriously motivated, I am going to say goodbye to some really bad habits!

The day started with a nice cold shower, it got gradually colder and it was a great way to wake up.  My cold shower was followed by warm lemon water… then breakfast with the family.

Throughout the day I eat very healthily and stayed away from the sweet cupboard. I even managed to update my blog during the afternoon after my walk. I found the evening difficult, I didn’t want to watch TV! My daughter and husband were relaxing in front of the TV, I really wanted to join so I did what any mother would do, I turned it off and we played some games.

I ended my day with guided meditation from headspace, I went to bed so relaxed.

Day 2

The only change I made was to add meditation in the morning and reading during my afternoon walk.

 Tuesdays are my running days, I felt low on energy and it took me awhile before I got going but I did it… it was a struggle I won’t lie, I kept thinking of chocolate.

Again, I ended my day with guided meditation.

Day 3

Pretty similar start to previous days but I actually got up without an alarm by 6:15 which meant I was earlier on my routine! 

Day three was a good day, I had no cravings and felt mentally refreshed, I am convinced it has to do with a really good nigh sleep.

I also feel that I need a schedule and start to prepare my snacks and lunches the night before or at least have some idea what I’m going to be eating for the day just to make sure that I don’t stray.

Day 3 was a really good day for my water intake and workout! Once again, I ended my day with guided meditation and was in bed by 22:50

Day 4, 5 and 6

I started to wake up without my alarm going off which is great, I think going to bed at the same time is really helping.  I am also grateful that my little man doesn’t wake up during the night. 

Morning routine hasn’t changed I am loving my quick cold shower, they seem to be getting colder and I love it! I’ll be honest if I didn’t wake up between 6 – 6:15 I wouldn’t be able to keep it up as we like to have breakfast all together normally by 7:30. I have noticed healthy eating and the increased water intake is having a huge benefit to my skin, it feels so much softer and my complexion is better.

Day 7

By day 7 I have noticed a huge change in my skin thanks to healthier food, more water and skin brushing.  One of my biggest motivators is that I feel less tired and I noticed that some of my clothes feel lighter.

My biggest struggle during the past 7 days has been not eating cheese or chocolate but I have managed to stay away from them.

Week one done, this week was a tester and I have a few ideas as to how I can improve and also which habits I am realistically able to continue with.  I’ll be making improvements and tweaks over the next coming days, I’ll keep you posted.

Until next time, stay kind, stay safe

Julie x

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