How I stay positive


I guess we wouldn’t be human if we didn’t have those negative annoying thoughts.  Those thoughts that makes us doubt ourselves, question our decisions and in general give us internal fear.

I am a worrier, I can go into a room look around and see all the things that could go wrong, all the threats.  When things go wrong I could easily descend into a spiral of over analysis, what I should’ve done, could’ve done, the list goes on.  When negative or upsetting events occur in our life’s it is easier to be and remain negative, the effect of a bad day can sometimes last a few days or even longer.

Being positive is something that I work on everyday… it is my secret parenting tool (even when my daughter is driving me to the edge) but it takes daily work, especially when I do silly things, like, not get enough sleep.

Here are my top 3 stay positive exercises

Rework the situation

I don’t know about you but my brain tends to reach out for the bad things first, it takes a real conscious effort to re-frame the situation.

For example, just the other day I went to the physio because my feet have been hurting since the last stages of pregnancy and now that I have really kicked started my training the pain has become unbearable, my physio tells me running, HIIT, impact training is out of the question.  My initial thought was I’m never going to get fit again.  It took a real effort to change the narrative in my head to “I get to do more resistance training, I can get strong”.  Now I’m planning my workouts, meals and the excitement is starting to kick in.

Don’t hold on to the negative thoughts.  Meditate.

The biggest change in my life the past 6 months has been meditation, it has been a life saver!

Meditation it’s something that I tried on and off for years but never got the hang of it.  Last year when we moved to Denmark my husband unexpectedly had to travel more than usual, I was left with a new baby in a new country and Luella was just starting a new school, my mind was racing, I downloaded Headspace and never looked back!

I’m learning to let any negative thoughts come in and leave, not holding onto them.

Be grateful

 Everyday, I express gratitude for my loved ones, my health and opportunities.  

I find that gratitude helps me see how fortunate I am. Whenever anything that I feel is bad happens I can see all the things that I have to be grateful for.  For instance, when we were burgled last year, everything and anything that was nice and expensive of mine was taken (jewellery, shoes, bags, clothes, make up) I was devastated for at least one day until I thought really hard, looked around me and was grateful for my children, husband and all the support I received. 

Extras to help stay positive

  1. Exercise- get those endorphins going
  2. Sleep- a good night sleep makes everything better
  3. Surround yourself with positive people

Being positive isn’t always easy, I guess it is easier for our brains to focus on threats.

We are surrounded by negativity, social media, news, humanity right now isn’t exactly full of positivity but for our health and our children’s wellbeing it is something we need to do.

I find that when I am positive I do better, I feel healthier and I am better role model.

Until next time,

stay kind, stay safe, Julie x

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