How to achieve a positive fitness journey mindset


Starting a fitness journey is daunting, I haven’t worked out for over a year, and I’m not in the shape I was once.  Feeling self-conscious about my fitness levels affected my mindset, and made it difficult to start my fitness journey, doubting my ability to overcome my cravings meant that I gave up before I got started many times.  Three weeks into my fitness journey, and I feel different; my mindset has changed; this is how I achieved a positive fitness journey mindset.
  • Identifying your obstacles

    Acknowledging any possible challenges it’s the best way to prepare for them.   We need to know about our obstacles so we can tackle them or have a plan B.   My biggest obstacle is time, having two children with entirely different needs makes it difficult to fit everything that I need to do in one day, but once I figured this out, I was able to create a solution.
  • Be honest with yourself

    Ask yourself, why are you embarking on this journey and answer the question honestly.  Once I was able to accept the reasons for wanting to embark on a fitness journey, I became more motivated, and I found reasons to eat better and work out. In contrast, previously, I found excuses for eating chocolate and not exercising.
    Julie finishing her workout
    • Set realistic goals; baby steps are ok

      Changing habits take time, overcoming insecurities take time, and that’s ok, it’s something that we have to accept.  Throughout our fitness journeys, it is essential to remember it takes time to undo all those unhealthy habits and to get to the desired fitness levels.  We also need to be realistic with our circumstances, I know that I can only go to the gym when my husband is home but if he is travelling or working late, I can only workout at home.
    • Make a plan and commit to it

    Wanting to become fit, it’s not good enough, knowing how to get fit its key to achieving your goals.  For me, planning my workouts and my meals has helped me stay focused; finding out what I need to do daily takes any added pressure off my already busy schedule.  Also, it is essential to document your progress, no matter how little, when I went from doing four burpees to 6 I was over the moon and motivated to continue working through my plan.
    • Forget the Scale

    Focus on your health and fitness levels; the rest will come.
    • Understand food

    You don’t need to give up everything that you love; I haven’t given up chocolate or cheese, I just don’t eat it as often.  I have found other foods that are far more nutritious and are also satisfying; for example, I rediscovered my love for sweet potatoes. 
    • Sleep

    When we have a good night sleep, we are unstoppable; I know I am.  The sleep foundation is clear “sleep allows our body and mind to recharge”, when embarking on a fitness journey sleep is just as important as the food we eat and the exercise we do, our body needs to rest to achieve our fitness goals.  Getting enough sleep is by far my biggest challenge but also what makes a difference to my fitness journey.

    Finally, fitness is about preparation and commitment; remember,  Fitness is a life journey. Until next time, stay kind, stay safe Julie x


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