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I’m Julie.

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I started this blog in 2017 as a hobby, I felt that I had so much to share, back then I was a full-time working and studying single mum of one and in need of an avenue to express myself.

A lot has changed for me since 2017, I am no longer a single mum or struggling fulfil my dreams alone.  I am now married and a mother of two.  My new home is Copenhagen and as I enter a new chapter in my life I thought it appropriate to update my blog and share with you my growth as a woman and as a mother, I also want to share with you the skills I have developed throughout my life, parenting and career.

If you are wondering a little more about me, I grew up in Colombia and moved to the UK, London at the age of 14 with my family.  I remember growing up in Colombia as always being sunny, with an empowering smell of my grandma’s petunias, she had them in every colour.  

Julie wearing a bright green dress, standing behind a vintage background
I love London.  I definitely lived the London life! Meeting people from all over the world, parties, dinners, concerts, museums, shopping.  I really enjoy the hustle and buzzle of London.

I had my daughter in my early 20’s, before you ask, yes, she was planned.  Motherhood at such a young age was tough, I guess age was one of the reasons my relationship broke down and I became a single mum.  I had some pretty tough years but I am very fortunate to have an amazing network around me that enabled me to do a little better for myself and my daughter whilst being able to enjoy my life.

Now, I am married to a Dane and we are trying out the Scandinavian way of life.  I always dreamed of living somewhere else and when Brexit happen, we thought why not?  Scandinavians are supposed to be really happy, have a good work and life balance.  I guess maybe now I want to slow down a bit and concentrate on new things, I definitely feel that I am entering a new chapter.

I hope you can join me in my new life journey.

Until next time, stay safe & kind,

Julie x 

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Sometimes tough weeks creep up on you when you least expect them. Last week was one of those tough weeks, it came out of nowhere, Oscar had been poorly, my physio told me I’m out for six months, my hormones were all over the place and to top it all up my grandad is...

Weaning before 6 months

Our food journey started when Oscar was four months old and what a journey it has been. As I write this post Oscar is 9 months and if you follow me on Instagram you would have noticed how much he loves food, my little man will try anything and make a big mess of it as...

“Where are you (really) from?”

Preface: GUEST POST by my dearest friend "cousin Michael" The world seems to be waking up to racism against black people, I urge you to read this powerful piece. This has become one of the most corrosive and toxic questions in the western world. Despite speaking with...

Why fitness shouldn’t be the main goal

After my Saturdays post I was asked a couple of questions regarding my weight loss, what I am doing to lose weight so fast? what exercise plan am I following? What detox am I following? The questions really made me reflect on the journey I have decided to take, I...

Life Detox Update

Days 7 – 14 As I entered my second week of life detox I feel energised and excited, for the first time in a long time I feel that I have the mental and physical motivation to stick to change. I have to remind myself often that I am not doing just a food detox and my...

Are you doing enough for yourself?

I often tell myself that I’m not just a mum and as I mentally prepare myself to return to work, I question what have I done for myself?  Before pregnancy I got into the habit of working out, looking after my skin, budgeting, keeping an eye on my goals and pension but...

Day 1 to 7 of my Detox

Achievements and challenges Day 1 I am seriously motivated, I am going to say goodbye to some really bad habits! The day started with a nice cold shower, it got gradually colder and it was a great way to wake up.  My cold shower was followed by warm lemon water…...

30-day detox preparation

As a mum, time for myself is limited, I often end up having too much playtime with my daughter and son which leaves me with a mountain of house work to be done in the evening and feeling very tired.  If I’m going to change habits I think preparation is key, at least...

My 30-day Life Detox

It was a Saturday, we were out walking, the sun was shining, the kids were happy and all I could think about was my bed and chocolate.  I had more than my fair share of chocolate that day and it really bothered me how much my habits had changed since having Oscar,...

Keeping a 12-year-old busy during abnormal times

Here we are, doing our bit, staying indoors.  As soon as the Danish government announced the country was shutting down, there was panic. I felt a little flutter in my tummy and not in a good way (for many reasons but I will stick to the subject). In our home we have...

New baby, new body

Body acceptance I am grateful for my body, it gave me my little man, it’s not a process that everyone can go through.  Nevertheless, I have struggled to recognise and accept my body.  Not only because it looks different than pre-pregnancy but because it...

Pre-teen reading, a small obstacle!

I love reading, when I was little I used to get lost in books.  Reading has been something that I want my daughter to enjoy too not only because of academic reasons but because it is so calming.  Reading always gives me peace of mind and opens up my...

Breastfeeding la la land

I didn’t have the easiest of labours, I had an emergency caesarean that resulted in my baby and I being in intensive care for a few days and in hospital for almost seven days.  I exhausted, in pain, scared, disorientated and fiercely protective of my baby...

Third Trimester

So close and yet so far Weeks 28 – when you are done, I was 40 weeks + 3 days I’m almost done, I’m nearly there! that’s what I told myself when I finally reached week 28 unfortunately the excitement soon wore off as I realised that I still had 10 or more weeks! I’m...

Second Trimester

Nothing fits Weeks 13 - 28 I was so excited for the second trimester; the midwife had told me that most of what I was feeling should start to ease off and eventually disappear…. I felt no change between week 12 and 13 and I was starting to already become fed-up of...

Why I’m a feminist.

A few years ago, I truly discovered the feminist within me. I wasn’t aware what it meant to be a feminist and to want equality.  Growing up in Colombia there was no such thing and to this day the concept of equality in Colombia is a distant dream. Growing up,...

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