Life Detox Update


Days 7 – 14

As I entered my second week of life detox I feel energised and excited, for the first time in a long time I feel that I have the mental and physical motivation to stick to change. I have to remind myself often that I am not doing just a food detox and my aim is not (only) to lose weight but to change habits that are do not add value to my life or family.

During the first week I went back to doing the things I used to do when I felt I was content with myself and my lifestyle and I stopped doing after giving birth.  I used to meditate, exfoliate, made time just for myself, morning cold showers and I really want to get back to doing things for myself too.

During week one I noticed that I lacked structure, there were days that I struggled to fit in things that I wanted to try, because it conflicted with the kid’s routine besides I work better when I know what I am doing.

So, I put together a schedule that I felt could work, it is based around Oscars routine, feeds and the time that I spend with Luella and husband.

Having a schedule made things easier, it also really helped me achieve my runs and workouts without sacrificing family time.  I had to move morning meditation to the evening as Oscar wakes up between 6:30 to 7:00 and I like to be ready when he wakes up.

Food wise, I was really craving a treat on the Sunday (day 14)… I was so close, the treat cupboard was so tempting but we made oat pancakes with fruit compote and soya yoghurt for lunch which absolutely did the trick.  It’s been over 20 days, I haven’t had sugar, processed foods, coffee (this I miss) or chocolate, I feel good and lighter because of it.  I promised myself I will not step on the scale until I am completely done with the life detox but I am excited to see how much I have lost.

Stay tuned next week for more updates.

Until next time, stay kind, stay safe

Julie xx

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