My 30-day Life Detox


It was a Saturday, we were out walking, the sun was shining, the kids were happy and all I could think about was my bed and chocolate.  I had more than my fair share of chocolate that day and it really bothered me how much my habits had changed since having Oscar, that night I didn’t sleep, I couldn’t stop thinking about the cravings and tiredness I kept feeling, I knew I had to change.

Sunday, I got pen and paper and did a stocktake of my daily habits and it didn’t look good whilst my main meals are always healthy the bits in between really shocked me. This was the kick-up the backside I needed in order to go back to basics and not just food wise, my skin care routine, reading and personal development also suffered.

So, I am going to detox my life of cheeky habits, of course I had to make my own detox! I had a look online and most of the detox that I found were drastic and based on weight loss, which was not my aim.  My aim was to change my habits in order to feel better and re-energise my body and mind leading to a change in lifestyle. I have never been a believer of quick fixes.

I drew up my aims, the habits I want to change and came up with my own guidelines, something that works for me and my family routine and won’t be harsh on my body and most importantly something that is long lasting and will help me with to get back into feeling fulfilled in most aspects of my life and of course fitness because I miss those burpees!

On my next post I will tell you how I prepared and give you an update on my first 7 days. Wish me luck.

Until next time, stay kind, stay safe Julie x

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