No-nonsense, Fitness Update!


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So, here goes and honestly, I’m feeling a little vulnerable and VERY exposed!  I wrote my first fitness blog post a little over four weeks ago while I was on holiday, and needless to say I didn’t work out during my break.  However, I did use it to ensure that I got some much-needed rest and to reflect on my goals!  Since then I have really been trying to get my mind right and aligned to my goals, you know? I can’t ever do anything if my mind isn’t right!

The past four weeks have been an experiment for me – my main goal is to incorporate a healthy fitness routine to my life so that I can find a comfortable balance between my responsibilities, fun and fitness (and by the way I am going to start referring to fitness as healthy living).

So, the picture above was me four weeks ago and these are the things that I have changed since then:

  • Working out three to four times a week. I predominantly go during my work lunch hour and I do a mixture of bootcamp, boxing or spin classes as well as running and resistance training.
  • Conscious healthy eating. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t eat unhealthily but I do eat a lot and working in an office where someone always has “The 3C’s of the Officilypse” cake, cookies, chocolate it can be difficult to say no.  So- I’ve been saying no when I’m not hungry.
  • Reducing the amount of cheese, I eat. YES, I hold my hand up, guilty as charged. Don’t judge me too harshly but I am a cheese lover!! OMG I love cheese. I really recommend identifying your weakness and gradually reduce it! It really helps! I’m still eating far too much cheese but not as much as four weeks ago!
  • No coffee after lunch! I struggle to get enough sleep because I always have something to do which means I’m always tired and when I’m tired – I OVEREAT 🙁 – so no coffee in the afternoon means better quality sleep for me and less food!

And now the picture below is me now (apologies for the poor quality, I had no time to properly pose and post workout pics are always so sweaty! I wanted to give you the reality anyway).  I have lost weight, I feel a little better, my clothes fit a little better BUT I still have a long way to go.

Here is what I will be changing in the next four weeks:

  • Planning my workout routines. I’m currently planning my routines and will tell you all about once I’m finished J
  • Increasing my resistance training
  • More sleep
  • Documenting my food intake and progress during training (or workouts)

For my next fitness update, I promise I will pluck up the courage to give you some figures! Wish me luck and let’s see if I make progress on finding a sustainable fitness routine




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