School holiday anxiety……


Finally, school holidays are here!!

IMG_3755.JPGFor me summer never really begins until the kids are off school!! It kind of feels like the beginning of a new year!!! Every July, I reflect how much my daughter has grown, I mean is not just the height I’m referring to her personality, friendships, beliefs and stroppiness (if you know what I mean)! Then there is the summer get away, the museum trips and no morning rush!

But as many working parents know, summer holidays are not just about having fun!  With summer holidays comes the childcare worry and the guilt!  Personally, as a working mum I always have some form of guilt which becomes enormous during the summer holidays! I feel terrible that I still need to wake my daughter up early so I can see her and have breakfast with her before I leave for work.  I feel terrible that I only get to truly spend quality time with her at weekends and my time still has to be split between her and chores!


Chores are not always boring 🙂

Don’t get me wrong, I am currently very lucky that I don’t incur any childcare costs and my family are nearby and happy to help but I can’t help to feel that I’m always imposing and restricting my family from their daily routines.  Although I’m sure it’s just all in my head!

Anyhow, on the plus side I get to take time off work and spend time with my daughter and family (my mum, sister & husband and teen brother.  Very small).  As a family, we are very close and love taking summer holidays together which for me as a single mum provides us both with that family feeling and I get to avoid driving in foreign countries (eeek)!


The Family! Photographers: 17 year old brother and daughter 🙂

Weekends are also really packed with fun adventures for my daughter and I!  Being able to go out and not worry about time is HEAVEN! Let’s face it during school term, we have to stick to a very strict and restrictive routine.  Although, finding things to do every weekend can be tricky.  Personally, I never truly grasp how much my daughter has developed until the summer holidays…  The toys that she got for Christmas are no longer of interest, playground fun is not quite what it used to be, my daughters interest once again have changed and I love discovering her new interests but all these makes it challenging finding things to do.

Final thought…. I love the school holidays but gosh they are terrifying!!!!  Childcare is such a worry even for those of us who are lucky enough to have family around, the guilt of not being around for six weeks is real.  The pressure to have fun with your child and keep a tidy home is ridiculous BUT what I’m starting to learn is that this pressure seems to come from myself! Because like so many other parents we want to make sure that we fuel our children with fun experiences but as parents we must never forget that all our children want is for us to be there for them, show them love and lead by example.



Here are some of the things we will be doing during our summer holiday:

Science museum (free and so much fun!)

Natural History museum (really need to meet Hope the blue whale)

City Farm 

London transport museum:

Don’t forget to checkout your local activities such as funfairs, open concerts and markets

Julie x

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