Second Trimester


Nothing fits
Weeks 13 – 28

I was so excited for the second trimester; the midwife had told me that most of what I was feeling should start to ease off and eventually disappear…. I felt no change between week 12 and 13 and I was starting to already become fed-up of being pregnant and I was constantly moaning about it, I had enough of feeling so bad and my clothes were starting to get SO tight!  

However, week 13 was so exciting we had our booking visit at the hospital, it took 3 hours, I had blood tests, went through medical history and most importantly got to see my little baby for the first time! By the end of the appointment I was absolutely high on love and excitement.  I was so excited to tell the world about my little bump! All symptoms started to slowly wear off soon after.

Then one of those things that make pregnancy really amazing happened around 14 weeks…. I was binge watching The Handsmaid’s tale, it made me cry so much WHEN little flutter kicks happened! At first, I thought it was my stomach but it kept happening and it was amazing! From then on, it all started to get better and I was delighted!

I was around 16 weeks before I felt really good, full of energy, no more sickness and back to the GYM! I was happy and full of beans!

Then week 19 happens, I really couldn’t fit into any of my clothes (apart from super baggy shirts or dresses) considering the fact that I had been eating very healthy and had gone back to my normal gym routine I was surprised and a little upset… I knew I was going to get really big and slowly I started to give in to chocolate, cookies, desserts and whatever I fancied Here I am living my best pregnant life, eating and working out when one night, I was sleeping like a baby when this shooting pain on my calf woke me up, I was screaming! My poor husband hehehe, he looked so scared! Bloody cramps… they lasted all the way to the end, they were random… unexpected and painful!

My tummy grew at a rapid pace! Every morning I woke up my tummy got bigger and bigger and the flutters became stronger… more like kicks, it was amazing! The downsize to the rapid tummy growth was the hip expansion and the stretch marks that come with it! I used a large amount of Cocoa butter for my body and tummy screams for my growing bump, it really soothed my skin and made me feel nice, like I was in control of something even if the results were minimum!

Towards the end of the second trimester my hair was looking so shiny and nice but my skin didn’t fully get the memo about the whole pregnancy glow… I got rather a lot of face pigmentation and as super strong linea nigra otherwise known as the pregnancy line made an appearance, thank you hormones

To end on a good note, kinder eggs became my thing, I had loads of them, I have no regrets, it was amazing!

Things that I found useful on my second trimester:
  • Long or breastfeeding pillow, they make sleeping much easier
  • Vitamins, my iron levels dropped rapidly during the second trimester and I hated folic acid, my midwife recommended Pregnacare by Vitabiotics, I really like them
  • Sleep on your left side, my midwife told me that it helped circulation to the heart and also blood flow to the baby.
  • Learn how to get out of bed, helps with your back
  • Stay active, I hated swimming but loved walking
  • Start thinking of comfy shoes, I struggled to let go off my heels, I was 27 weeks but I gave in because the waddle was ridiculous!
  • When buying clothes if you are planning to breastfeed buy shirts or breastfeeding clothes, you’ll save money! I learnt the hard way!
  • Water and moisturiser! My skin wasn’t the best despite the fact that I drank loads of water and moisturised daily… I dread to think how much worst it could’ve been.  Do your research and find what works for you!
    • Ps, I’ll be posting a review on the products I used.

Until next time, stay kind, stay beautiful x

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