Taking a small plunge….

Taking a small plunge….

It is amazing how different people are… I often analyse and watch people and I am fascinated! I look at eccentric and flamboyant people with admiration, looking at their vibrant clothing and their confidence when walking and talking to others, they make it look so easy!! It brings a smile to my face!

I for one have always been rather shy and scared of anything that puts me in the spotlight, in fear of what others might think and of failure… It has taken me years to slowly develop the courage to become social and leave my shyness behind but it is something that requires constant work!  I kid you not I have come a long way…. Even when I was a child I struggled to raise a smile!!

See the shy face!! 🙂

Since becoming a mother I have really tried to step out of my comfort zone!  I really didn’t want my daughter to see my doubts and insecurities.  I wanted to show her confidence, people skills and the benefits that come from being sociable!  As a single mum it’s not been easy, I’ve had a few nudges and if I’m being totally honest the odd glass (or few) of prosecco have really helped!

Taking the plunge has resulted in great friendships, terrible outfits and incredible laughter with my daughter, family and friends.  Most recently taking the plunge has taught me not to give up. Extreme dedication and hard work has enabled me to complete my BA whilst working full-time and being there for my daughter.  Combining all these has given me the courage to start this blog!!!! It’s something I’ve been wanting to do for the past four years!  Here I am taking another little step and doing something that I’m scared of….

Thanks for reading

J x