Weaning before 6 months


Our food journey started when Oscar was four months old and what a journey it has been. As I write this post Oscar is 9 months and if you follow me on Instagram you would have noticed how much he loves food, my little man will try anything and make a big mess of it as he loves feeding himself.  I love watching him eat new foods, his facial expressions are priceless.

A week or two before Oscar was 4 months old, he started to take show real interest in our food, I noticed he was trying to reach our food, he started to waking up during the night for a feed.  Luckily, here in Denmark we get a visit from the midwife every few months, during Oscars four month visit I mentioned that Oscar started to wake up for a feed and that he kept trying to grab food from our plates.   The midwife did her checks and suggested that I start weaning Oscar.  I was provided with a Diet plan and off we went.

What we bought to get us started:

High chair: Oscar started to sit a little early, so we were able to use it but our midwife recommended that the first few days to feed him on our laps just for reassurance.

Baby porridge: From 4 months

Plate set and spoons


The first week I only gave Oscar porridge with breastmilk instead of water, he loved it.  Oscar Loved porridge, the package suggested to start with four spoons but Oscar wanted more, so I gave him more… Oscar went back to sleeping 12 hours.

By the second week we had moved onto introducing lunches and by the third week dinners, before Oscar was five months he was eating 3 (pureed) meals with us.  I made sure that our meals times coincided, Oscar loves eating with us.

I started Oscar with purees, I felt he was too little for baby-led weaning, I read the BLW book and I decided it wasn’t for us just yet, although I did put puree in front of Oscar so he could feel it and familiarise himself.  I loved making baby purees and he loved eating them!  They were so easy to make in batches, I didn’t have to cook all the time!

Here is Oscars favourite purees:

(all veg was steamed and pureed with hand blender)

1. Broccoli and Sweet potatoes (later on I added leeks)

2. Apple, Pear and a pinch of cinnamon

3. Banana and avocado (uncooked)

p.s. If weaning before 6 months it is really important to get medical advice to make sure your baby is ready.

Next week Thursdays post will about weaning from 6 -9 months until then,

Stay kind, stay safe, Julie x

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