Why I am embarking on a fitness journey


This is me, one-year postpartum. I’ll be honest with you, it is not the fitness journey I imaged or where I expected to be, I had imagined that I would lose all the baby weight within 9 months and be back to my HIIT, Bootcamp, and gym workouts, but it was all a dream! I thought because I had been consistently working out for years and was active throughout my pregnancy, my fitness levels and body would go back to normal, sometimes plans tend to go sideways.   During pregnancy, I gained a little over 14kg (30.8 pounds), but after an emergency cesarean, I gained another 14kg. 

Nine weeks postpartum, I was at my heaviest (ever) 87.7kg, I’m only 5’3 (160 cm). It is a lot of weight to put on in such a short period of time. I’ll be honest writing this has been difficult because it’s not easy to face the fact that I went from being really healthy to snacking on chocolate, pastries, and cheese and not doing my beloved burpees.

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The past year I have attempted to get back to fitness on numerous occasions and had many setbacks from lack of energy, lack of sleep, tiredness to injury. I’m fortunate that I love vegetables; my main meals are always healthy, but in between meals, there have been loads of unhealthy emotional snacking; despite this, I have managed to lose 17kg mainly through weekly workouts and walks.

I don’t feel healthy or fit, but I don’t regret the chocolate, desserts, or the cheese I devoured; I enjoyed it, and I really needed it.  Having an emergency c-section, moving country, and injuries left me feeling physically and mentally fragile. Still, I’m not going to waste my energy looking back at what I should have done or eaten differently. From today, I am taking ownership of my wellbeing.

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 So, here I am, fed up with the lack of energy and not liking myself.  With the help of friend and fitness guru Tony, we have put together workout plans, food tips that I know will help me get back to feeling revitalised.  We will be sharing my fitness programs, meals, tips, and everything in between.

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