Why Kettlebell swings are a great exercise


Here is why Kettlebell swings are a great exercise, if you’re looking for a quality all-round exercise then kettlebell swings (aka KB Swings) are the one for you! This awesome compound move is not a gym only exercise; you can do it anywhere; all you need is a bit of space for the swinging to commence.

Kettlebell swings are great for developing core strength, which helps to stabilise the lower back and pelvis area as well as improve flexibility. Posterior muscles groups like glutes and hamstrings get a great workout from kettlebell swings, quadriceps shoulders and arms also get a powerful blast from KB swings; the muscle fibres from all these muscle groups are stimulated and conditioned when performing KB Swings.

Kettlebell swings functional movement enhances the bodies co-ordination skills and muscle strength, as well as being an excellent fat burning exercise when done for high reps. 

I always try to implement Kettlebell swings into my gym or home workouts; it’s a no-nonsense exercise that can be modified, made more difficult. If I ever had to name a list of my top exercises, kettlebell swings would be on there!!

How to perform KB Swings:

Step 1 Stand with feet shoulder-width or slightly wider apart and hold a kettlebell with both hands in front of thighs.

Step 2 In a controlled motion soften your knees hinge your hips backwards, keeping your chest up, core engaged and a neutral spine. Allow the KB to drop and float backwards between your thighs, arms should be straight, and feet planted firmly on the floor as you swing KB back.

Julie swinging a kettlebell

Step 3 Drive up through your legs and thrust your hips forward whilst swinging the KB in front of your body with straight arms as you return to standing position. Contract your core and squeeze the glutes as you finish the repetition.

Step 4 As the KB starts to descend, allow the weight to do the work as you shift your momentum onto your heels, then perform steps 2 & 3 as move into your next repetition.

Tip: Breathe in when you swing backwards, and breathe out when you swing forwards.

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